March 27th, 2012

Tried & True (Acts 24)

“It is concerning the resurrection of the dead that I am on trial before you today.”  

- Acts 24:21

When we follow Jesus – we may face trials!  My prayer is that as we face those trials, we will remain true to our faith and to the God who called us!

The apostle Paul was “tried and true” – he was in and out of prisons and trials – but he was faithful!  In fact, his faithfulness led others to faith in Christ and the discovery of God’s amazing grace!

I’ve been reflecting recently on the “trials” of life – accidents, diseases, tragedies – I don’t think God creates any of these, so I’m not sure God uses tragic events to impact our lives – but I do believe God uses faithful people who walk with grace through the trials of life!  I don’t know that God “uses” cancer – but I know that God uses people who have cancer!  I don’t think God uses “natural disasters” – but God uses people who have experienced natural disasters!

I’ve heard it said this way, “It’s not what happens TO you  - it is what happens IN you that really matters!”

LORD, work through us as we walk through trials – that we might be ‘tried & true’ for you!

Pastor Stan


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